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Кушида яагаад Элитийн ангид Хорикитаг үзэн яддаг вэ?

Яагаад вэ Кушида үзэн яддаг Хорикита? Well if you’ve just finished watching Элит ангийн 2-р анги, and also the first season, then you might be asking that exact question. Well, in this post, we will explain, in detail, why it is that Кушида holds such hatred for Хорикита. This post contains spoilers up to Classroom of the Elite Season 2

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Хэн бэ Кушида? Онд Элитийн анги, the character known as Кушида joins Class D with Киётака and the other characters. At first, she seems really nice, however, later in season 1, it’s revealed that she puts on this act of being friendly and kind to the characters, when in reality, she has a second personality, which is mean, spite-full, bitter, manipulative and so on. When she’s in front of her classmates however, she’s a different person entirely.

Important scene from Season 1

In season 1, there’s a moment where Кушида is by the sea, and she thinks she’s alone. She starts kicking the railing, and shouting stupid Хорикита “I hate her, I hate her”.

Like always though, Киётака is lurking in the shadows, spying on her. At that moment, Kiyotaka’s phone beeps, and Кушида demands for the person hiding to identify themselves.

Now, for some reason, Киётака decides to come out of the bushes and present himself to her, and this is where things get interesting. I’m quite sure he could have quietly snuck off and got away from her in the cover of darkness but maybe he didn’t want to get mud on his uniform or something.

Кушида яагаад Хорикитаг үзэн яддаг вэ?
© Lerche Studios (Classroom of the Elite Season 2)

Anyway, after seeing that Киётака has been spying on her, she starts talking to him, then proceeding to grab his hand on put it on her breast. This means his “DNA” and “fingerprints” are on her jacket. She does this not only to potentially blackmail him in the future, but also so he does not speak about their little conversation.

This takes place in the one of the earlier episodes of улирал 1, and it’s important because it illustrates what she is willing to do to get what she wants and to protect her real identity from being revealed.

It’s interesting because while Киётака elects to stay in the shadows, and not reveal his true identity by just staying out of peoples view and acting plain and boring, Кушида puts on an act to completely fool her classmates so they never even suspect she has a secret side.

Why does Kushida hate Horikita?

Үүний шалтгаан Кушида үзэн яддаг Хорикита is because both her & Кушида went to the same school before they came to the академи. Энэ хугацаанд, Кушида loved being the centre of attention, and getting praise from other students.

But when this started to fade, she became bitter and resentful. This lead her to start a blog where she wrote about her classmates and how much she disliked them and about all their secrets.

One day, one of her classmates sees the blog and realises who’s behind it. In an instant the whole class turns on her, and she becomes the centre of attention, but not in a good way like she’s used to.

So, because of this, Кушида үзэн яддаг Хорикита and want’s her out so no one who knew about her past can expose her to her new friends at the академи.

Кушида яагаад Хорикитаг үзэн яддаг вэ?
© Lerche Studios (Classroom of the Elite Season 2)

It’s not even made clear if Хорикита knows for sure that Кушида wrote this blog about her past classmates and became hated by them, but the mere fact that she went to the same previous school as her means she has to go. It’s a harsh but solid approach to make sure no one knows. And hence, this is why Кушида hates her, and wants her gone.

Үүний бас нэг шалтгаан Кушида үзэн яддаг Хорикита is that she get’s all the attention. It’s Хорикита that gets the credit for Kiyotaka’s master plan at the end of season 1 when they participate in the Island Test that meat that D ангилал came out on top, and it’s Хорикита that that is the Class leader, making most of the decisions and therefore getting most of the attention. This makes Кушида jealous, and it adds to her hatred.

In Kushida’s eyes she should be the centre of attention not Хорикита, and the fact that she went to the same school as her and knows or even could know about her past means she has to be removed from the school to protect Kushida’s fake personal she puts on.

Does Kushida still hate Horikita?

Near the end of the second season, Кушида болон Рюен are set up, as she tries to get Хорикита excluded from the академи permanently. During this time Киётака sets them both up and secretly threatens them to never attack Хорикита дахин.

Энэ ажиллаж байна. Кушида & Рюен back off from Хорикита, but with great reluctance. It would be safe to assume that Кушида still hates her, since she didn’t get what she wanted and Хорикита is still at the school.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter, since Киётака plans to get rid of Кушида. This is something we can expect for season 3. So make sure you stay up for our news on Season 3. See our blog on Элит ангийн 3-р анги Дэлгэрэнгүйг байна.

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