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Kakeru Ryūen is a character who appears both in season 1 and season 2 of the Classroom of the Elite Anime. But who is Kakeru Ryūen? – and why is he so important in the Anime? Well, in this post, we will answer all these questions and detail what role he plays in the Anime. This is the Kakeru Ryūen Character Profile.

Overview of Kakeru Ryūen

First appearing in the first season of the Anime, Kakeru Ryūen presented himself as an oppressive and violent class leader, who only got what he wanted through violence and intimidation. In fact, Ryūen believes that violence is the most powerful force in this world.

But we will come to that later. For most of the first season, he acts as the leader of Class C, the class which is above Class D, and acts as a tyrant, which is what most of this class and other characters such as Хорикита describe him as.

In season 2, Ryūen plays an incredibly important part of the plot, and turns out to be a very important character in the alter episodes, even challenging Киётака өөрөө.

Гадаад төрх ба аура

For this Kakeru Ryūen Character Profile, understanding Ryūen’s Appearance and Aura is very important. In the Anime, Ryūen is tall, with an athletic build. He has long, shoulder length hair which is red and dark brown. He has bright and scary magenta eyes, with a slim yet muscular physique. He is pretty handsome, but in the Anime, he comes off as rude and arrogant.

However, this perfectly fits his character, since he is the leader of the class, most of the class don’t seem to care or even question his position, and like most people in our modern society, simply acquiesce to his power and intimidation, even though, if they all stood up to him, he would likely not be able to do anything.

Personality of Kakeru Ryūen

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